KEA Housing

KEA Housing, in collaboration with BaseCamp Copenhagen, can assist all incoming international exchange students in finding accommodation during their semester at KEA. If you are considering using KEA Housing, we encourage you to read the information provided on this site thoroughly.

All incoming international exchange students, upon admission to KEA, will be offered student housing. If you accept the offer, you will receive further information and detailed instructions. You can find a description of the process and important dates and deadlines further down on the page.

See also for more practical information about how to apply for an exchange semester at KEA, residence permit and living in Copenhagen.

KEA Housing can only assist international exchange students enrolled at KEA in finding accommodation.

KEA Housing’s collaboration with BaseCamp Copenhagen

KEA collaborates with BaseCamp Copenhagen, and each semester, rooms are offered at one or more of their locations: Lyngby, South, or City. It is only possible to choose rooms from the location offered by KEA Housing. You can read and see pictures of the different locations here:

Lyngby, South and City.

If you have indicated in your exchange application to KEA that you would like to use accommodation provided by KEA Housing, a room at BaseCamp will be reserved. During the end of November/May, you will receive an email from KEA Housing informing you that you have 10 days to confirm the reservation by creating a profile on BaseCamp's website.

In the same email from KEA Housing, you will also receive final information about the specific location of the reservation. BaseCamp handles the room reservation, and generally, all incoming exchange students studying for a semester at KEA will be allocated rooms at the same location.

Afterwards all communication regarding the reservation and room will be between you and BaseCamp Copenhagen.

Prices and Terms

Copenhagen is an expensive city to live and study in. This also applies to student accommodation and rooms, and it is important to be aware of this. See below in the menu what kind of prices, fees and conditions you will meet when booking housing at Basecamp. 

  • When you make a final reservation at Basecamp after receiving the first email from KEA Housing, you are required to pay a non-refundable administration fee. This amount will not be refunded once your booking is confirmed, as it is part of the total cost. In 2023 the administration fee was 1000 DKK.

    Upon booking, you must also pay one month's rent in advance, along with a deposit equivalent to 3 months' rent. The monthly rent for the room includes taxes and internet. Also included is a fixed amount for water, heating, and electricity – the actual consumption is reconciled once a year, typically around April. In 2023 the payment on account was 750 DKK/month.

    Once BaseCamp has received your payment for the first month's rent, deposit, and you have returned a signed lease agreement with a room number, the agreement is final.

    It should be noted that the requirement for payment of the first month's rent with a 3-month deposit is standard in Denmark.

  • You can read the terms and conditions from BaseCamp here.

    The rental period and move-in date are always the 1st of the month. It is not possible to change this. If you arrive in Copenhagen in the middle of the month, you must either rent from the 1st of the month you arrive or book a room at one of Copenhagen’s hostels for a couple of weeks until your rental period begins with BaseCamp. You will receive a list of suggestions for hostels and hotels in Copenhagen in the first email from KEA Housing.  

Important dates and deadlines

After expressing your desire to take advantage of the offer from KEA Housing, you will automatically be included in the KEA Housing process.

KEA Housing sends the first email regarding room reservations through BaseCamp around the end of November/May before your semester at KEA begins. Also included in the email is a specific booking code for all exchange students allocated to KEA.

  • KEA Housing sends the first email regarding room reservations through BaseCamp around the end of November/May before your semester at KEA begins. Also included in the email is a specific booking code for all exchange students allocated to KEA.

    It is important, that you read the email from KEA Housing thoroughly and adhere to the deadlines provided. Typically, you will have 10 days from the email being sent to contact BaseCamp regarding the rental of a room, where you also include the specific booking code and any special conditions that BaseCamp must consider when requesting a room.

    Shortly after this, you will receive an email from BaseCamp confirming your request to rent a room. In the email from BaseCamp, you will be asked to confirm your request, including payment of the first month's rent, a 3-month deposit, administrative fee, and a signed lease agreement. You can read more about prices above under ’Prices, terms and conditions’.

  • BaseCamp has a 3 months’ notice of termination. This means that you need to terminate your contract 3 months before you are planning to leave. In addition to this, be aware that according to the terms of your lease contract, the room must be vacated 14 days prior to the end of the lease.

    If you are in Copenhagen during Spring it means that you can choose to terminate your lease agreement effective from June 30, with the requirement to vacate no later than June 16, or effective from July 31, with the requirement to vacate no later than July 17. Or if you are here during Fall, that you can choose to terminate your lease agreement effective from January 31st, with the requirement to vacate no later than January 17th, or effective from February 28th, where you must have vacated by no later than February 14th.

  • You may consider finding alternative housing towards the end of your stay in Copenhagen.  

    Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to move your exam or take it online, so leaving Copenhagen earlier than the end of the semester is not an option.  

Missed deadlines

KEA Housing strives to provide all exchange students with thorough information when it comes to finding accommodation and to highlight all deadlines. 

Should it happen that deadlines are exceeded, as a general rule, accommodation through our partner BaseCamp is not guaranteed. However, you are always welcome to contact KEA Housing and inform us if you have not met the deadlines. We will then try to assist you in further communication with BaseCamp, where discussions about possible solutions will take place directly between you and BaseCamp.

Insurance, theft and responsibility

KEA Housing does not cover theft and damage of personal belongings during a break-in in your apartment or room. Make sure you have home insurance. 

Damage to inventory caused by a tenant or a tenant’s visitors must be paid for by the tenant or their insurance. We recommend that you purchase a public liability insurance. 

KEA does not offer insurance of personal belongings, public liability or any other kind.

As a European citizen, make sure to have a European Health Insurance Card. This will cover your first weeks in Denmark. You obtain it from the local authorities in your home country. International, overseas students must obtain a private travel health insurance.

Direction and distances

Here you can find information on how to get to your BaseCamp after landing at Kastrup Airport, which is Copenhagen's airport, and distances from the various campuses to KEA in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

When you arrive by plane in Copenhagen, you land at Kastrup Airport. From here, you can take either the metro, train, or taxi for your onward journey towards one of the BaseCamp locations. Here are three travel descriptions that outline the journey from Kastrup Airport to the three BaseCamp locations: City, Lyngby, and South.

  • Going to BaseCamp City: Take the metro M2 to Vanløse st. from Kastrup Airport and get off at Nørreport st. Walk 900 m. (11 min.) to BaseCamp City, Georg Brandes Pl. 2, 6, 1307 København K.

    You can see prices and buy a ticket and see other ticket options to your public transport during your stay here:

  • Going to BaseCamp Lyngby: Take the metro M2 to Vanløse st. from Kastrup Airport and get off at Nørreport st. Change from metro to train at Nørreport st. And take the E-train to Holte st. And get off at Sorgenfri st.. Walk 400 m. (6 min.) to BaseCamp Lyngby, Skovbrynet 2, 2800 Kongens Lyngby.

    You can see prices and buy a ticket and see other ticket options to your public transport during your stay here:

  • Going to BaseCamp South: Take the metro M2 to Vanløse st. from Kastrup Airport and get off at Amagerbro st. Walk 1,1 km. (15 min.) to BaseCamp South, Birketinget 6, 2300 København.

    You can see prices and buy a ticket and see other ticket options to your public transport during your stay here:

  • Many people come to Copenhagen and hope to stay at BaseCamp City. However, it is important to highlight that there is no guarantee being offered rooms there by BaseCamp. Therefore, it's great that the locations at South and Lyngby both are also close to KEA via public transport and offer different aspects in terms of surroundings.

    Lyngby is approximately 40 minutes from KEA by train and is close to scenic surroundings with a lake nearby, as well as Lyngby Hovedgade with shops, cafes, a cinema etc.

    South is about 30 minutes away by bus or metro and is near Copenhagen’s largest uncultivated park Amager Fælled and the harbor bath Islands Brygge.

    You can also search for directions at (choose English in the top right corner). Please note that you must write “København H” for Copenhagen Central Station.

Finding housing on your own

If you wish to find housing on your own, KEA cannot assist you with this. However, we have compiled some useful advice and things you should be aware of. You can read about them here.

It is important to mention that many students arrive in Copenhagen around August and September due to many starting their education. Therefore, remember to start your search for a place to live well in advance.

  • While looking for accommodation it's important to avoid being scammed. There are, of course, no guarantees, but you can benefit from following these tips as a minimum: 

    • Ensure that the lease agreement you sign is standard. We recommend using this type of form A10 or its English version. In case the lease agreement is not standard, as a tenant, you should make sure that the correct information and provisions are included, along with any other details that may be important for you.
    • Make sure you can trust the landlord and consider doing some research on the landlord before signing a lease agreement and paying a deposit. This is to avoid being scammed, ensuring that the room or apartment you are renting exists and is not already leased out.
    • Research the rental prices in the area where you are looking for a room or housing. It's a good idea, as this can give you an impression of the market, preventing you from overpaying.
    • Upon moving in, it's advisable to document any damages or issues in the apartment or room and send this to the landlord immediately after moving in, specifying the date. This way, you have documentation that the damages, were not caused by you when settling any charges during the move-out process.
    • Ensure not to make cash payments but to conduct transfers to a Danish financial institution. This is important, as it allows you to always document a payment.
  • Find more information and tips here: and find more renting tips when finding a place in Copenhagen

Financial support

When you come to Denmark to study for a semester, there is generally not many options to apply for financial support. 

However, according to Danish law, foreign citizens can receive housing benefits if they have a permanent residence in the country. Housing support is a tax-free amount that you can receive as a subsidy for your rent. To be eligible for this support, It is a requirement , that as a tenant, you have access to your own kitchen and that you reside permanently in the accommodation.

It should be noted that it is a process where you must apply, and it is the public authority that determines whether you can be approved to receive support. Find more information about Housing benefits:

KEA Housing cannot provide advice or guidance on this matter.

Contact KEA Housing

For more information, please contact Housing Coordinator Catharina Timár-Linneballe at HOUSING@KEA.DK