Cleaning up Copenhagen

At the annual KEA Charrette, 80 students from KEA and International Partner Institutions delved into an intense learning environment, challenging their intercultural and interdisciplinary skills. The one-week process required students to develop solutions to real-life case.

KEA held its annual Charrette during in October of 2015. Eighty students gathered for the event, including 65 international students from our various partner institutions around the world.

The students worked in groups on cases involving waste management solutions of four different sites. The cases were provided by local environmental organization Miljøpunkt Nørrebro.

1 Week; 4 sites; 120 students and advisors

Waste management is not the sexiest subject area, but it is an important topic for larger city communities: How do you create viable and attractive trash solutions that minimize waste and maximize user involvement? Each interdisciplinary student group would develop a physical design, a digital intervention, a visual brand, and a communication strategy to market their solution.

The Charrette gives the students an opportunity to experience a real-life working environment. It requires them to work across borders and specializations to reach a common goal – and that within a very tight deadline. Herman Bailey, the Academic Project Coordinator explains the impact: “… they gain new perspectives on how their own professional skillset can be placed in a new context. They learn a lot about themselves as people and how they handle new situations and they also have a lot of fun.”.