Demokrati Garage is a cooperative and partnership among actors across sectors and organizational structures. We work with democracy in its multiple facets.

 Both “every-day-democracy”- through culture, urban activities and community building - and democracy as governance form, with focus on organizational, institutional structures and business models. Demokrati Garage, located in Rentemestervej, has an ambition to become the physical meeting space, where people across ages, opinions and sectors can “go to democracy”. How? We want to create a space which can home the following activities:

DEMOCRACY INNOVATION: Designing, testing and using new solutions to strengthen citizens participation

MEGAPHONE AND ACTIVITSM Getting important democracy-development initiatives started and driving them

DEMOCRACY TRAINING Mobilizing and training new generations of democracy actors and activists

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES For example communal kitchen, communal dining, urban gardening, rapair café, and cultural activities.

GROUP 10 - Members

  • Thais Monteiro Aiub - Senac - Digital Design
  • Riccardo Toldo - Milano - Integrated Product Design
  • Helmut Radauer (Heli) - FH Salzburg - Forest Products Technology and Wood Construction
  • Simon Kling - Beuth - Architecture
  • Jonathan Kyle Biron - GBC - Graphic Design
  • Imran Saiti - Intern - Interior Design
  • KEA Student