Bugging Denmark is an urban insect farm producing crickets by using circular farming methods. Crickets use 2000 times less water than cows and emit 100 times less greenhouse gas. They are therefore the sustainable protein source of the future.

Bugging Denmarks mission is to integrate cricket farming in an urban environment and promote a transition to a sustainable food culture. We therefore partner with other food producers and use their sidestreams as feed for the crickets. By forming these unlikely partnerships, we are able to transform what was previously considered waste into delicious food and thereby do our part to make Copenhagen more sustainable. 

Group 1 created the project Chirp City based on the mission and challenges presented by Bugging Denmark. 

group members

  •  Jessy Schalmilch - Fontys University
  •  Meghan Drummond - George Brown College
  •  Caterine Castiglioni - Politecnico Milano
  •  Maria Clara Ferreira Olszenski - Senac University
  •  Fabian-Casimir Meyer - Beuth University
  •  Laura Anna Lucia Endres - Beuth University