FabLab Nordvest is a local FabLab (Fabrication Laboratorium / Makerspace) established in 2014 with +200 members, amateurs and professionals

 Access to digital and development and manufacturing tools, ie. CAD, 3D print, laser cutters, CNC machines, electronics, screen printing, casting etc. and continuously courses to learn how to use them.


  • Paula Lena Braun - Beuth - Architecture 
  • Luuk Toon Arie Bouw - Fontys - ICT and Open Innovation 
  • Lee, Hae In (Haein) - GBC - Graphic Design
  • Hanna Claudine Alicbusan Cartagena (Hanabee) - OTIS - Communication Arts 
  • Tom Luca Holubowski - Beuth - Architecture 
  • Mohammad Jihad Mohamad maomn Bernya - KEA - Production Technology