Hoogeschool van Amsterdam (HVA) is Holland's largest University of Applied Sciences and has a campus right in the centre of Amsterdam.


HVA has almost 50.000 students and is located in a huge newly build campus next the to Amsterdam Central Station. Bacuse of its size it offers students great facilities and a very inspiring and international environment. Exchange students at HVA will study one of the many English "minors". A minor is a semester with a specific theme (like Mobile Development, Architecture or Design Thinking) and everyone in this minor will have the same classes throughout the semester.

You will experience a lot of group assignments and project work like you are used to at KEA, but be aware that standards for completing assignments might be different and the level is quite high.

Amsterdam is an amazing city for students and it is teaming with things to do and see. Be aware that student housing can be expensive and difficult to find, but once you have settled in you will have many new international friends to share your exchange experience with.