KEA has a cooperation with the Architecture and renovation school in Mariestad, a small town located in the lake district 2,5 hours north-east of Göteborg.



So even though  this section belongs to the University of Göteborg, it is geographically detached. In Mariestad, they specialize on historic building materials and the renovation and restauration of buildings with original tools and building methods. As an exchange student, you learn how to recreate the woodworks, the plasterworks and stone handcraft that was used many decades and centuries ago. This knowledge can be highly useful for the refurbishment of city houses in e.g. Copenhagen (5th semester). Students also build the tools to do the work with. It’s a very practical education with focus on craftsmanship. The school is very small, and everybody knows each other.

Located right on the enormous Vänern lake, Mariestad has an amazingly beautiful location. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing and watersports, but it is not a party place.