FH Salzburg is a small institution with a large selection of classes in English.


FH Salzburg is very similar to KEA in its practical approach to education and in the classes you will have plenty of opportunities to try out your new knowledge in real life. Students are divided on two campuses in and around the city: Campus Kuchl for the architecture, construction and production technology students and Campus Urstein for the media and web students. With only 3000 students in the whole institution, you will get to know your professors and fellow students really well in a safe and caring study environment.

Salzburg is known for its picturesque location and classical arts (both Mozart and the Sound of Music has its origins here), but there is plenty of other things to do in the city. With its location next to the Alps then hiking, climbing and skiing opportunities are within an hour of the FH Salzburg campuses and the city itself is filled with student friendly activities such as free concerts and student sports.