A highly renowned Architecture School located in the “bicycle city” Münster, in the Western part of Germany called North Rhine Westphalia.



Münster is known as a relaxed and beautiful student city with plenty of cafés and places to hang out for students. It’s located close to The Netherlands, and has a large variety of universities. The architecture school is located a short ride outside the city centre in the former royal stables in beautiful historic and contemporary buildings. They have an abundance of good facilities, such as wood workshops, new IT labs supported by full time staff (primarily MAC), a material collection (just like KEA), conference rooms, a modern library etc. The university has a tutor scheme, so all professors (= all subjects) have their own tutors.

Teaching is in German, but professors tend to swap to English, if they have an exchange student in their class.

Münster is a very affordable city, and students typically live in either WG (Wohngemeinschaft), which is shared apartments or in a student residence. The university helps exchange students find a place to live.