DUOC UC is one of the leading applied scienses universities in Chile with a large selection of classes and campuses for the Spanish speaking exchange student.


Duoc UC offers over 80 programs divided into 9 academic schools and 16 campuses across Chile. The University is an applied sciences university which means that they work with practical as well as theoretical knowledge - much like KEA. As an exchange student at Duoc UC you will be able to take classes from all their programs (though we advise students to stick to one campus) and also enroll in Spanish language classes throughout the semester.

Duoc UC's main campus' are in Santiago, but they are also in Concepción, Viña Del Mar and Valparaíso. Santiago is the home to over 6 million inhabitants plus most of Chile’s cultural, economic, industrial and business activities, so studying here can get you very inspired. As most destinations in Chile, you will be close to both the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.